Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sunset Session

Fun sunset session at the house. I tried the 8'10 first. That didn't go too well. I caught 2 waves and fell 10 times. A little too choppy out there from the all day NNE wind for that little ripper. Photos on the 9'5 tonight. If you look closely, you can get an idea of how much rocker this board has.

My best Autry imitation.  I'm still working on it!

Strange, but this blunt nose board punches through waves with the ease of a pointy nose. By the way, I didn't fall.


CB1 said...

Nice! I thought that 3rd picture was NCBA testing the Mana out! :)

Looking good!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to have everyone together again. So many new boards!

I've been riding Butch's 10' SubV.


Ramsnake said...

Great pics and perfect little waves for the SUP no one else would be that interested i!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dwight,
Can you offer a short comparison between the 9'5" and your SV ?
I presently ride an SV in French beach breaks and would be interested to hear why you now prefer the 9'5" over the SV ?

NC Paddle Surfer said...


9'5 is more stable than SV. Surprisingly, the nose is turned up enough that it feels about like the SV on steep drops. I think the 9'5 catches waves slightly earlier.

The SV spins on the tail quicker. That may be the quad advantage showing.

I have to move around on the deck more with the 9'5 because of the width. The 9'5 rails sink and hold better.

I would not replace a SV with the 9'5 unless you were looking for:

1) more stability
2) or you want to switch to a 2 board quiver, like the 9'5 and 8'10 or 9'5 and 9'3.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dwight.
I guess I need to try a 9'5" sometime to see which I like best!

Bobby Q said...

Hi Dwight this is Bobby with the blue sv, I was wondering how much are you selling your raceboard for.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

I'm am selling it for my cost of materials. $900