Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quad 9'5 Naish Mana

Today's project was to quad my Mana. I can, so why not. It's fun and gives me more things to play with. First up is the layout. I tape over the existing front fins and recreate the shapers dots. Once I have the front fin marks, I can layout the rear fins off those. I choose to use Stretch's quad placement for the rears. Stretch moves his rear fins in 3/4" farther than his fronts (off the rail). This gives a quad more drive. The last photo shows the fins set in epoxy tinted with red pigment. Tomorrow the boxes get glass over patches.

I learned some interesting stuff about the Naish construction routing the holes. I could see 1mm thick wood vacuum bagged to the entire bottom. You can see the stripes of the wood grain if you look closely at the photos. There appears to be no gel coat, just primer and paint. That is great news. We all know gel coat chips and falls off in huge junks on the rails of some SUPs from 2 years ago. Gel coat is that thick tan colored crap used when placing a board in a mold. It fills the gaps. Yuk! I'm very impressed with the Naish construction. With a wood bottom it shouldn't get the bottom dimples you get with PVC foam bottoms.


csx355 said...

Hi Dwight - you have caught the Naish bug bad. I'm still so stoked with my 9'3 - it's goodbye to the SubVec's then. Still have not ridden one.

Capt Ron said...

I like to set my quad rears from the centerline and not the rail. It gives a more consistant distance between the rear fins which give a more consistant drive charactoristic. I like 8" up from the tail to the rear fin mark and 4.5" over from center to each rear fin mark. 9" total between the rears and only 1/8" tow on the front marks and 0-1.5 degree of cant. I also use a canard style rear fin works well good drive and loose. Where a more raked fin is stiff. I have watched you blog for a while impressive. Keep it up.
Capt Ron
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curtis said...


what did you use to set the plugs in? Is the surounding foam around the plugs strong enough to support the sideway pressure that the fins will see?

did you glass over the plugs?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

These new FCS Fusion plugs are designed for EPS boards and are way stronger than the old style FCS plug. The Fusion plugs come in a high density foam cassette. Then they are glassed over.

FCS has a video somewhere on-line showing a swinging weigh slamming into the fins mounted in Futures boxes, FCS old style plugs, and FCS Fusion plugs. The Fusion out performs them all.