Friday, February 12, 2010

Waterman's Challenge combined with Intra Coastal SUP Cup

A new race course. Higher entry fees. I can't complain though, Coastal Urge runs an impressive event and it's worth every penny. We're lucky to have such a first class event in our own backyard.
The race is open to everyone

EJ and Brandi will be doing the paddle clinic.

The new PRO's only Waterman Challenge, following the SUP race on the same day. (I wish I could do the windsurf and kitesurfing legs)
Coastal Urge’s 1st Annual Waterman’s Challenge is a race incorporating kiteboarding, standup paddleboarding, windsurfing, and OC-1. This is an invite-only race with the top board, paddle, kite, and sail manufacturers in the world competing against each other.  They will be utilizing their best waterman or woman to test their skills in all four disciplines.
The Waterman’s Challenge will be held on the afternoon of May 15th 2010 at Wrightsville Beach, NC. The exact location is beach access #33 in front of the Blockade Runner Beach Resort on the Atlantic Ocean. Proceeds benefit SUP Cleanup.
Invited: Airush, Bark, Bic, Best, C4 Waterman, Cabrinha, F-1, Flexifoil, Hobie, Jimmy Lewis, Kialoa, Liquid Force, Mistral, Naish, North Kiteboarding, North Sails, Ohana, Oxbow, Paddle Surf Hawaii, Quick Blade , RRD, Rusty, Sandwich Island Composites, Slingshot, Starboard, Surftech, Wainman Hawaii, Werner.


CB1 said...

This is one event I'd love to see! I wonder how many crossover athletes there will be that can effectively participate at a high level in all disciplines. Like you, I'd love to do the windsurfing & kiting legs. Glad they are having during May as there may be a decent chance for wind.

Wonder if Naish himself will make it. He can do it all. Lenny, Kalama as well. Patterson? I know he kites and paddles, not sure if I've seen shots of him of him windsurfing. Others, Solbach from North?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Can't wait to see who shows. Wish they had a non-pro waterman challenge. Naish, Lenny and Kalama in WB? That would be crazy.


NC Paddle Surfer said...

It would be fun if we could do the Challenge. I dare say more fun than the SUP race because we can do all the event reasonably well.