Sunday, October 31, 2010

Huge Photo Day

Oak Island 5 mile downwinder

CB1 trying to be like Surf Machine

CB1 stylin that 9'0 Mana

Nobody goes harder than the REAL Surf Machine


B dog on his 8'0 PSH WR

B dog

Surf Machine, Commited

We see why Surf Machine picked this spot this morning

Surf Machine

The animal a.k.a the Surf Machine

Wimpy DW trying to be like Surf Machine

B dog on his 8'0 PSH WR

Monday, October 25, 2010

Funny SUP Video

I love those sandy beaches of the Great Lakes

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Surf Movie of Jacky (Go Full Volume and Full Screen)

Made with iMovie 2011

The First 9'0 Naish Hokua Reviews are in

I'm stoked the reviews show it works for big guys!

From Waz in Australia:

I am 92kgs (202 lbs) and was riding the new 9'0 Hokua and swapped down to the new 8'5.

After doubting whether or not I could stand on it, I was surprised that it wasn't as bad as I thought.

A few wobbles later, I caught a nice one and it surfed like a shortboard with a paddle in your hand.

This board is very fast and loose!!

Highly recommend it

I am not normally a big Naish fan, but these 2 boards are defiantly on the money for performance and finish, so much so I bought the 9'0 Hakua!

Both well worth a demo.

From Swanie in Australia:

I am 6' and 95kg (209 lbs)

Surfed it this morning in fairly clean waist high surf. Slight northerly wind.
Loved it!

Don't let anyone say it won't float you. It floated me fine and paddled well. In the first 15 minutes there were a few mermaids trying to ravage me but after finding the sweet spot on the board any wobbles were gone and it was great.

It is fast! It made sections easily. Basically for a guy my size this is a 6' blown out short board. It turns on a dime. Makes late take offs with ease.

Totally suggest you demo this if you are considering steping down from a larger board or if you are after a more performance type board. The concave deck seems to help with stablity.

From Piros in Australia:

I'm still wet from riding it as I type this , just came in. Wazza my mate (another school teacher) just picked one up he's 92 kg I'm 90 it floats low in the water with us on it BUT that's not a bad thing because it helps with stabilty but you have to work on it as it was pretty choppy this arvo , the concave deck is great really helps with balance. I loved the plane shape it looks the goods.

Surf wise it was great easy to find the sweet spot , plenty of speed. We rode it as a 2+1 I think a quad set up will make flow more through the turns (my opinion)

From shimmyshazbo in Australia:

surfed the 9'0 with the quad setup this morn in 2 ft clean waves with a bit of current and a few cross waves thrown in. been riding the naish 8'10 and im 82kgs (180lbs).
i too loved this board, caught waves so easily, heaps of speed, so much so that i could snap this board around more than the 8'10. really stable and loved the concave deck. this board is worlds apart from the 8'10, i feel i can relax more when paddling through the shore break and i didnt fall off at all while turning to catch waves.
picking one up today! yeeeeew!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I guessed it correctly

The new PSH Hull Rippers have baby race board bows!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Google Search on Channel Bottoms Found the Following Goodies

  • The greatest thing about the channels is that there is no top end speed limit. 
  • They just continually build speed. 
  • You're taking the water that would normally run across the board and down the rail and catching it and storing the energy, releasing it at planned locations along the deck, more so the tail though, as opposed to the rail. 
  • The only negatives that I have heard from channels is that they're too fast, I can't get in the barrel. I just tell surfers to deal with the speed and surf accordingly. 
  • They also hold on the face better because they've got like fingers on the wall. They sit and hold better. Run higher and hold longer in the barrel once the speed is controlled and understood. If you don't outrun it you can stay in it longer. 
  • I guarantee that once you get on one and learn it you will always have one in your quiver for the rest of your life.

The 7'8 Hokua Bottom......DROOL.........

Is there a perfect paddle?

Not really, because paddle feel is very personal. As of just recently, we've finally reached the point where we've owned paddles from ALL the big brands.

We learned with C4s, moved on to Kialoa, then back to C4, then to Quickblade, and now Werner.
Werner peaked my curiosity with some interesting marketing claims.

1) A palm grip designed to put your wrist in the best ergonomic position. Straight instead of kinked.
2) Narrow paddle blades without loss of area, designed to reduce stress at the catch. Or dig deeper for more power, less deep for less power.

It seems to work as advertised. Especially the blade design. The smaller area Quickblade shown below actually is harder to pull at the catch and more stressful on the body. The larger area Nitro, with narrow width, feels easier on entry, yet doesn't feel gutless as you follow through on the stroke.
Werner Grip Designed to straighten wrist

Generic palm grip with heavy bent wrist

Which one feels more powerful? Not what you might think

They're Here...........just not here

The Aussie's beat us. They got ALL the new goodies from Naish today.
9'0 bat tail Hokua on the rack in Australia

Forget the one he's holding, check out the 7'8 Hokua on the floor with bottom channels showing at the tail

The wings of the 9'0 bat tail Hokua 

Monday, October 18, 2010

OMG more Naish Goodies

The NEW Naish web site has gone live with all kinds of goodies here 
OMG.....look at those sexy channels in the bottom of that 7'8 Hokua

The fins I see in Robby's 7'8

Can I have one ASAP?

I'll take one of these too! 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

There is a NEW Surf Machine in Town

the NEW Surf Machine


CB1 and CB2

Mrs CB1 and CB2

CB1 and CB2

2011 PSH Ripper Sneak Peak???

Being a backyard hack board shaper, I love studying photos and video to see what's up and how certain shapes behave. Blane is up to something this Fall and here is what "I think" is going on.

Blane shaped some downwind race boards this summer. Then he tried surfing them and discovered the displacement bow (boat bow versus surfboard bow) does some magical things. For one, it doesn't catch and dump your ass should it go under for a split second.

Fast forward to today and he's shaping Ripper models now called the Hull Ripper. Notice the race board inspired boat bow? It appears he's taken advantage of the displacements bows ability to run dangerously low and not catch. The nose rocker has been lowered. He's claiming the boards are FAST. It all makes sense to me. I'm not sure I have the surfer skills to manage such a low nose rocker in beach break surf. But I'm sure people more skilled than me will tear it up on these.

Surf Machine, when you getting one?

The new secret Hull Ripper from PSH

The Hull Ripper

Austin on the 9'3 Hull Ripper

The bow design inspiration?
The DW Racer that inspired the Hull Ripper

Austin surfing the DW Racer and discovering the boat bow works in surf

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nice Naish Article

Read the full article here
Harold Iggy
About Naish's Most Popular Models: “My most popular model is the Mana 9'5",” says Iggy. “It’s a wide-style stand-up board designed for small, slow, mushy surf. It’s so easy to ride and easy to turn. People often have the misconception that stand-up boards are huge—that they can’t even turn. With some boards even reaching under the 9-foot mark, this is changing, and I think it will continue to change further in the future.”