Saturday, February 6, 2010

4 Hours of Fun and Carnage

Surf Machine (a.k.a. Brian Autry) doesn't ever hold back!

Surf Machine aborts just in time! 10'0 Sub Vector

Time to pay the piper for Mr Smith

Brads turn to pay up

On to the good shots now. First up Todd on the 9'0 Bat tail

Dwight on the 9'5 Mana

Dwight on the 8'10 Hokua

Dwight on the 9'5 Mana again

Brad on a 9'0 custom Sub Vector


Anonymous said...

B-Dogs wave looks overhead.

PS. I wasn't falling, I needed to cool off. Those darn 4 mils are hot!

Anonymous said...

Todd is the rider on the first big wave photo. My mistake. Must give him the props. DW was on the shoulder and I was sucking water on the inside looking up. B-Dog caught the first wave of the set,the photo on down that looks simular.

Ramsnake said...

Not a pretty colour those waves but they sure are clean and shapely!

Joe Agliozzo said...

Now that you have ridden the 9-5 and 8-10 back to back what are your impressions? Still seem like a good 2 board quiver (assume the 9-5 is for choppier conditions and 8-10 for better waves in good conditions).

NC Paddle Surfer said...

They would be the ideal quiver, if I was shorter, or we had CA style glassy clean surf. Brian is the same weight as me, but 5" shorter and that makes him very stable on the 8'10.

I need the 9'3 for my gawky surfing skills. The 9'5 will continue to be my choppy messy conditions board. The 9'3 will be my ripper and hollow surf board. I'll still play around with the 8'10 when conditions permit.

Joe Agliozzo said...

Ah got it - so the 9-3 is the same template as the 8-10 I take it.. and the 9-3 is snappier than the 9-5 mana because of the pulled in nose (and probably a bit more rocker I would guess)? Are you going to quad the 9-3 as well?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

You got it.

I'll decide on whether to quad it after I get to know the board better.