Friday, February 19, 2010

Naish Wood Lamination

Here is a tiny sample of the laminated wood layer covering the entire bottom of my Naish Mana. This piece of wood was removed when I routed out the quad fin boxes. It looks very much like what's inside a snowboard or ski. It sure makes for one tough as hell bottom skin. You won't find dimples or shell cuts in this boards bottom. I pealed away the inner layer of glass to expose the wood. The wood is sandwiched between layers of glass forming a tough as nails outer skin. I'm stoked by how tough this non divinycell (PVC) style of construction is. I can understand Blane's stoke on wood laminates.

Almost all Naish boards have wood laminations. Some Starboards, and now the semi-custom PSHs. Lots of windsurf boards have it too.

Dennis, if you read this, send me photos of your wood lam shortboard project.

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