Friday, February 26, 2010

New PSH Fins

Very cool to see PSH likes pivot trailers too. Those Futures Controllers, all us Sub Vector guys fell in love with had pivot trailers. Maybe the Sub Vector posse was onto something.


curtis said...

We were on to something, PSH was using a combo of controller in the back and these other futures in the front, I recall seeing it on their facebook account. Now they have their own Logo fins. How is your new quad board working?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

It sounds like PSH advanced the concept. The controllers didn't work on our custom sub vector. They actually stiffen the board up. After seeing what PSH did, I suspect the problem came from the low aspect fronts on the controllers. I think the super light custom sub vector exposed a weakness we couldn't feel on the heavier production board.

I'll test my new quads tomorrow, but the waves are tiny, so I don't expect to learn much. I can't find any pivot trailers with FCS fins. FCS is not very imaginative with their fin designs. Everything looks the same with very tiny changes in template. Even their new fronts with foils on the inside are so minor it almost looks like BS, more than actual foiling.

curtis said...


I used to see FCS fins that looked like the controller trailers about 4-5 years ago, It was called H2

I going to start playing around with different Quad combos again, try to see I can squeeze out more performance out of my SV.
have a good weekend

NC Paddle Surfer said...

They still make the H2s. But the ones I saw had extra cant built in. I struggled when I last tried fins with extreme cant.