Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cleared to Surf Again

I made a trip to my personal physician today. They took x-rays of my rib. It showed a clear break this time. The doc in a box I used on the day of the accident took crappy x-rays. Today's x-ray tech did things a lot different, so the results were crystal clear. It showed calcification around the break already. Looked good to me, even though the ribs are clicking like mad all day long. The doc said it would heel dispite the clicking, and I could resume activities as I saw fit. He aleady knew I went surfing last weekend, so he probably understood saying no wouldn't do much good. But I will hold off on kitesurfing again for a least 2 more weeks. I just can't stop SUPing cold turkey. It would kill me.

Nothing to report on testing the thrusters. Wind has been too strong for after work paddle sessions.

Jacky is thinking I cut her Kialoa paddle too short. I cut both paddles 7" over our heads. 8 or 9" may have been smarter. Anybody need paddles cut perfect for someone 6 ft and 5'4 (that would be 9" over those heights)?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tricked out the 9'6 PSH

Before: G-X side bites with Blane's 7" fin. This is Blane's setup.After: PG-5s in a pure thruster setup. I think Jacky will love this setup. I'll try to video her this week. I'll try to rest the ribs.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thrusters Tested on PSH

I surfed for 20 minutes with the thruster fin setup. First impression is less drag. I caught waves earlier than I should have, and stayed in the pocket on mush that should have required some pumping, but didn't.

I'll put the fins on Jacky's 9'6 PSH tomorrow. She can test them until I recover.

The rib pain went away on Thursday. But now my ribs click and pop all day long. Our best guess is I tore rib cartilage. I experienced some burning in my chest after today's short session. Not the smartest thing I've done, but I just don't feel good unless I get my weekend dose of salt water. The sea makes everything better, mind and body.

Monday, February 18, 2008


I am playing with fins for fun and my own education. This is the Scimitar fin. It reminds me of a windsurfing race sail with beautifully twisted tip and open leach. It was interesting surfing with this fin. I fell on my face a few times making bottom turns. It is designed for rail to rail surfing. I'd say it felt that way to me!

Next is my conversion to a thruster setup. I bought a FCS adapter for my box. I have not surfed this setup yet. I heard second hand, some of Blane's customers ride their PSH boards with the thruster setup. I'm curious to try it.

This is Blane's 7" fin. I was told Blane uses this one set at the front of the box. Austin uses it slighty back. I have used this fin a lot. Works great.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Painful Day

Jacky all smiles on this wave.
Me enjoying a small glassy one next to the Kure Beach Pier.
We had fun this morning surfing next to the pier. We can't surf near the pier normally. Fisherman on the pier have priority over surfers in NC. But in Winter the pier is closed. Yahoo.

The photos cost me big time today. The camera was bashed into my ribs by the board during a wipe out. Broken ribs, severe pain, a trip to Urgent Care, and heavy drugs tonight have me feeling a whole lot better. But no more surfing awhile. Bummer. Plus a cracked rail on my board!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our Kialoa Paddles Arrive

It's been a long wait, but they finally arrived. We wanted the floral patterns, so we had to wait a little longer than normal. I think Kialoa may not have been prepared for the floral pattern demand following Surf Expo.
I just finished dressing the paddles out. Neither of us have ever had paddle dings in any of our boards. I think its because of the way I dress the paddles out. I only install car door edging on the upper edge of the blade. This is the place most likely to strike the rail. It does not mess with the paddle feel having it up high on the blade. I also wrap a little foam around the bottom of the shaft. I often smack the deck with the paddle when falling. The little bit of foam helps, I think.
We use neon duct tape on the shaft so we don't loose the paddles. Being a kitesurfer too, we're well aware of how easy it is to loose a board in the ocean. A paddle is a lot harder to find than a board. The most shocking thing about lost gear, is how fast it drifts down wind with the current. Almost always, the lost item is found much farther down the coast than anyone thought possible. Remember this next time you loose something out there.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Naish 11'6 For Sale

This board belongs to my SUP buddie Brian. a.k.a. CB1 on the Standupzone. Contact: brianmck at if interested.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Playing with Slow Motion Video

I uploaded using the .wmv file type. The previous versions were .mpg type.

I think .wmv might be better quality. What do you think?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

200 lb Old Guy Surfing 9'3 Paddle Surf Hawaii

I took the 9'3 Paddle Surf Hawaii production board for a quick spin today. It was an amazing experience. I'm not a great surfer and my balance is typical old guy (only old guys will understand this), so the video may not impress anyone, but I was impressed.
Blane Chambers is a magician. I guess that's what you get when a company does only SUPs. I'm getting on the list for a 9'3 when they arrive. Jacky will love it. I'll steal it every chance I get.
It feels so much like a shortboard under your feet, it just gets you excited with the first drop. I told Hunter the 9'3 will be the hot seller this summer for 2nd season SUPers. He wasn't so sure due to the longboard nose riding element that many people love. But think about this, longboarders love longboards because they get more water time and have fun in smaller surf. Now what if you can have all that, and rip like a shortboarder in ALL conditions. I think this 9'3 changes the rules.
The first video is a volume check for those curious what 200 lbs looks like paddling it. The second video is the real surfing.

Surfing the Kure Beach Pier - Part 2

Here is a video of me surfing my 10' PSH.

Sunday Surfing at the Kure Beach Pier

First video is Hunter Brown (135 lbs) on the 9'3 production Paddle Surf Hawaii. A volume check video for those curious. The second video is Hunter trying to get covered up on the 9'3. The 3rd video is Hunter on my 10' hand glassed PSH.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

By Request, Wobble/Volume Video

CB1 wants to know how this 10 x 29 x 4 1/2 floats me and how stable I am paddling at 200 lbs. I hope this helps.

Saturday Video

The wife is resting her injured hip. This means more videos. I spotted a stink bug in this video.
I wish she had shot more from the pier. I like that view point. I was too tired by the time she went on the pier, so not much from there today.
I have a large goose egg on my head now. This new PSH is lighter than any board I've owned before. The consequence of this light weight is the board flies high whenever I wipe out. Today it landed on my head, fins first. I didn't duck because the wipeout was so minor I didn't expect it to go airborne.