Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Race Board Progress Update

I used AKU shaper software to plot a new rocker template. I printed the template full size yesterday on an engineering drawing printer. I liked this rocker better than the one I created using the old school technique of plotting the curve with nails and a stick, so I remade all my templates today. Hotwire and rocker jig for vacuum bagging.

EPS block arrived today

Enough foam for 3 boards. Advertised density 1 lb, actual 7/8 lb. Typical of general construction grade EPS to come in with actual density at the low tolerance limit. High dollar surfboard grade EPS, from top US makers comes in at true densities. The cheap light stuff is perfect for light race boards made from all carbon.

Supplies shown below-
Carbon Fiber
E glass
Breather Fabric
Peel Ply
Vacuum Bag
Vacuum Pump

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