Monday, September 7, 2009

For Sale - Jacky's old Board

Jacky's 9'0 bat tail C4 is For Sale. $700

Jacky surfed it a lot and it still looks beautiful.

For 2 years this was the only production board on the market low enough in volume, width, and thickness, for children and women to surf safely. Everything else is too corky for their body weight to have proper control in surf.

If you want the wife or child to have a good time out there, this board is their ticket to happiness. Trust me. Most paddle around on battleships that will kill them someday.

Jacky's new board had to be custom made to get it small enough. $1700 if you want to go that route.


curtis said...


All I can say about your wife's board is that it is Money well spent. One of the college girls that SUP's with us goes to school in California and is looking for a BatWing, too bad it is on the opposite coast.
Jackie must really like her new board is she is putting her old faithful on the Market. Thanks for listing the price, I was wondering how much would a custom cost.



John said...

Beautiful board. I stuck it up on the mullet. You must really love your sub vector.

John said...

I tried paddling over to you on Saturday to say hi, but you paddled down to the jetty and I was on my little board.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Thanks John.