Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lets Make a Deal

We'll be racing both these boards at Saturdays race. Let's make a deal. If you're curious, just ask and you can try either one. We're there for fun only. I've got no problem jumping off mid race and swapping boards. Or just ask after the race for a demo paddle. You won't find a cheaper way to get into down-wind racing. In case you're wondering why 14 feet, 14 feet is generally considered the minimum length for fun ocean down wind runs. At 12'6 you just don't get the glides or speed. Anything over 14 feet requires a rudder. 14 is the magic length for coastal off shore cruising.

Generally this is how to pick your race board:

1) Displacement (round bottom) hulls beat planing (flat bottom) hulls in flat water circuit races.
2) Longer boards are faster than shorter boards
3) Planing (flat bottom) hulls beat displacement (round bottom) hulls where planing is possible. Planing is only possible with wind or swell at your back. You cannot put a board on a plane with human power alone

So choose your style of fun. These boards are planing hulls designed for ocean down-winding.

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