Thursday, September 10, 2009

Inflatable Sub Vector- Sick!

I hope they are affordable!


erik said...

man o man -- an ULI killer ... maybe. i'd heard about them some time back and started drooling. now they're here. i want one!

but first -- i wonder how small they fold up and all like that. plus, i bet they're not going to be cheap.

still ...

where do i sign up!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Give brad a call. 910-262-2684 he is the c4 rep and owner of surf house and my surfing bud. He can hook you up

CB1 said...

Now that is what I need for the family! Compact, kept rolled up in the surf truck! Pretty cool!!

I too hope they are affordable, as I thought the ULIs were a little high, as you could get a regular constructed board for the same price(of course that is only my opinion).

PS. LOTS of blog activity today!!! :)

csx355 said...

32" wide?? Surely that has to be a misprint.

Author said...

Hmmm, looks like the same company makes the basic board as the ULI. Same valve plug and leash attachment point. I know the ULI guys do a lot of customizing after the basic board comes in from China (fiberglass strip top and bottom, etc.).

I love my ULI Lopez, everytime I think about "progressing" to a regular poly/eps SUP, I end up landing on my face on the deck or getting a rail shot to the ribs, and I am glad to be on the ULI!