Friday, September 11, 2009

Join Me

Lets put together an order for custom sub vectors at Surf House. So we can avoid shipping cost. Shipping multiple boards is the same cost as shipping one board. Multi board shipments allow shops to spread cost out and not have to pass it on to their customers.

Jacky's board is so sweet, I need one, otherwise she'll never get to surf hers.

I'm going for the 9'6 Sub Vector using the stock width and thickness of 28 3/4 wide x 3 11/16 thick. The slight increase in length over my 9'3 will help when surfing the huge mushy inlet waves and the crazy light weight will allow it to still out perform my heavy 9'3 in smaller steep beach break surf.

If you'd like to see, feel, and hold Jacky's amazing board, just let me know and I'll drop it at the Surf House for afternoon viewing.


Anonymous said...

thanks Dwight. I can't wait to ride that puppy!

CB1 said...

Everyone that has tried that board has raved about it! 2 immediate orders right off the beach, now that speaks volumes! Guess I'll have to break down at some point and take a test drive! :)

Brian A. said...

I think J-Mac needs a 8'11", I'll buy her used 9'0! I goin to dream about the board tonite. And we're the shots from today? The word verification is bed-e-rita, where you go after along nite at El Cerro Grande!

Jim said...

I'd love to try one of those. They look great

How much do those boards go for?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

The customs come in 3 constructions.

1) Polyester/polyurethane
2) EPS epoxy with wood stringer
3) EPS with suspension stringer like Firewire uses.

2) runs around $1700.