Thursday, September 17, 2009

14 ft Race Board FOR SALE

Our all carbon race boards are up for sale. To be sold at my actual cost of materials. I'm allowing one to be taken now, and the other in about 4-6 weeks. Once one is sold, the other is off the market until I finish building the board I'm currently shaping. I don't care which board sells first, Jacky's or mine. If interested call or email. Contact info in my profile.

Cost of this board:
$175 foam
$200 epoxy resin
$250 carbon fiber
$50 E glass
$10 fin box
$16 Gore-tex vent
$110 pad
$49 fin
$16 cabosil
$20 Divinycell inserts for box and plugs
$896 total cost of materials

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