Saturday, September 5, 2009

14 lb Sub Vector versus 24 lb

What does this 14 pound Sub Vector surf like compared to my 24 pounder?

Different would be an understatement.

At first I was confused by my senses and couldn't figure out why it felt odd. Then this morning we surfed masonboro in clean conditions and I figured out what was going on. This near zero weight board has no momentum. That is the downside. The upside, is when in the pocket, where momentum is a non issue, it surfs like a shortboard. You can snap any which way, as fast as you ever dreamed. You feel empowered like superman in the pocket.

It accelerates fast and catches waves easy, but looses glide just as fast.

If you want to surf a standup like a shortboard, custom EPS is the way to go. If you like to cruise longboard style, heavy pop-outs are the ticket.

I'm going to have at least one feather weight custom in my quiver. It's very cool.

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Anonymous said...

I understand. The weight can also make it more suceptible to adverse conditions? I believe the 10' Sub is more tippy b/c of the weight. I only flat paddled Butch's, I think its goin to be the fastest and ripable 10' SUP!