Saturday, September 25, 2010

What you missed this morning....

 It was a Coastal Urge girls (mostly) surf outing, with tips by Jacky this morning at CB Inlet.


The girls were loving the Mana's this morning. 3 of the 4 girls now own the 9'0 Mana, with the 4th likely soon. The guys snuck a few rides too. I wish we all had one. I'm starting to feel like a board pig.

Sorry about the lack of good photos. I was busy helping others learn to surf.
Jacky and Cat, with Jeoffrey getting towed back to the boat

Coastal Urge crew heading home to Bald Head

Even CB1 snuck a ride on the 9'0 Mana

Jacky and Kathy

CB1 with Jacky's Mana
Hannah, Coastal Urge Wilmington Store Manager trying the 9'0 Mana

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ralph & leah said...

Good to see CB1 out again. Nice boot!