Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hurricane Igor Video

The morning started out with light off shore wind. Clean, pretty, easy, and big waves. Around 11:30 (at low tide) the wind came up and the waves started breaking harder. About that time the lineup emptied out and only our crew was left surfing.

Jacky and I surfed our Hokua's early, then I went back to the truck and got Jacky's 9'0 Mana to compare. The 9'0 Mana was way more fun for me and for Jacky. I think the 9'0 Mana is the most fun board in our quiver. Jacky agrees. It's one sick fun board. I wish we had two of them.


ralph said...

Igor was great at CB saturday. I really enjoyed meeting the CB crew. Looks like OI was the heat!

mike said...

Hey Guys and Girls,
Any thoughts on riding Hokua's with a sail in 10-15mph? - since you all kite as well i figured you would have some thoughts, or is there too much rocker and softish rails? Yours and other vids show the board as super loose - but may not be suited for wind - suping.
thanks, mike in Pensacola

NC Paddle Surfer said...


Did you surf Ocean Isle Sunday?


The Hokua doesn't have a mast insert.

ralph said...

Sure did. Inlet between HB and OIB.