Sunday, September 5, 2010

El Fuego - The Right Tool

I took El Fuego for a spin in 12 mph wind this morning. My 12m kite was barely flying. Lines going slack as I nursed it to the water. The fishy shape felt sooo much better than what I had been using, a 6'3 x 18 something wide Stretch. El Fuego is 5'11 x 20 wide. That extra width is just what I needed. It was never fair that kitesurfing specific surfboards were always 18 something wide. Great for the average 155 pound kiter, not so great for me.

The fishy shape felt so dam good. I could pump the front foot so easily and feel some results! It was crazy to be able to even ride in todays wind!

I took it for a spin strapless and strapped. Strapless never felt so easy and sweet! The traction pad kick under the front foot is awesome. The kick makes the front foot so much more secure under the drive of the kite.

Here is what Firewire says about this board.

Full High Performance Fish surfing! The main ingredients are the forward volume and nose area that provides resistance under front foot loading, when pumping down the line whilst looking for speed from nothing. The Fuego's lack in thickness and width from the centre to tail allows for on edge rail carves to offload that speed with plenty of squirt! The Firewire Fuego can be surfed as a Quad or Thruster with almost no adjustment to stance required. The rails are super forgiving. Ideal for someone looking for more float in a shorter board, but not wanting to go the full chunk, the Fuego offers multiple choices in the pursuit of small wave fun without sacrificing performance

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ralph said...

A light wind machine. This sounds like what formula is to windsurfing. It is for me anyway.

btw- I know you guys always say go short. I'm loving surfing my 7'4".