Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nice 9'0 Mana Review from Andrew

Click here to read it on the Zone

Here are photos he sent me of his vacation


Ron C. said...

Hi Dwight and Jacky:

My wife is slowly getting hooked. For me it's too late - been on one type of board or another for 25+ years.

Could you, or Jacky, comment on the chance of doing light duty cruising on a 9' Mana (5 miles and under) for a 105 pounder?? And while I'm at it, for me at 135+-

As far as surfing, our home town break is Cape Cod's Nauset. I love it but it's the cleanest wave around.

Great Blog, keep it up!

Thanks, Ron C.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Ron, the 9'0 Mana is an ideal all around board for either of you. The board is a gem. So easy and so friendly to use. I think it will become one of Naish's hottest selling boards for 2011.