Thursday, September 9, 2010

The 9'0 Naish Mana is HERE

This beauty is more high performance than she looks! It's very quick. Spins on a dime. This is the ultimate all around ride for fit women wanting to surf waves. A board not too difficult, light and loose. Something you won't outgrow. Not so big it will try to kill you. For guys, it's a stick that will rip for the weekend warrior, who doesn't get the water time needed for the Hokua range. I can't wait to steal it on a big day. I had a blast surfing it before Jacky got home from work!
iphone 4.1 HDR photo

The new heavy duty bags. 

Can't Miss

Easy Peeze

It catches everything


ralph said...

mmmmmmmm. that board is so purty. how much does it weigh?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

I didn't weigh it. Compared to the 9'5 Mana, it's super light. I'd guess 18-19 lbs. My Hokua is 18 lbs. It feels similar.

CB1 said...

Man, that board look nice! How does it stack up against the 9'5 (at our weight)? Does it appear to have the same rocker or are they somewhat different?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

It's close to the 9'3 Hokua in volume and stability.

It feels way smaller than the 9'5. Rocker is similar. Very loose.

ralph said...

the 2010 hokua 9'3 is listed at 125L. mana 9' at 140L. thats props for the hokua stability too.

csx355 said...

Hi Dwight - Thats the one I've been waiting for - any chance of a pic of the under side, does it have the keel line of the 9'3? A pic showing nose rocker would be good as well. I want one. Regards Steve