Saturday, September 11, 2010

9'0 Mana Day 2

Jacky's review -  So fast she flew off the back. Big smiles. She said "easy peeze". Fun, fun, fun in nothing surf. She made fun of Z saying it was glassy calm out there. Really it was psycho chop from on shore wind, but the board made it feel like glass.

My review - not ideal for my weight in mushy weak surf and psycho chop. The 9'5 Mana was actually faster, looser, and more fun for me. Strictly because I overweight the 9'0 in these weak conditions. In better surf the 9'0 would win, but then I'd probably be on my Hokua.

The 9'0 does exactly what we wanted. A board for Jacky that would do the job the 9'5 Mana does for me. It turns crap surf into fun. The Mana's fly in weak surf and feel loosey goosey. In powerful surf and steeper waves, they feel slower because the extra width limits high speed potential. But width is your friend and fun when the wave is weak. The right tool for the job is key for maximizing fun.

Jacky 9'0 Mana

Jacky 9'0 Mana

Dwight, all 3 photos are the same wave. Long mushy rides!
Dwight 9'0 Mana

Dwight the 9'0 Mana


CB1 said...

Well, you answered the question I wanted to know! Thanks for the report!

Anonymous said...

I love your Naish blog! Are you sponsored or just a passionate Naish fan? Please keep the great info comin!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Yeah, it was a C4 blog before that, and a PSH blog before that, a Jimmy Lewis blog before that. It's about me and what I like, and do. And I like to take pictures of my wife too!

CB1 said...

LOL, I think you summed that up pretty well now that I go back and think about it!

The blog is informative, as the engineer in you comes out, wanting to know what makes boards work and how they are constructed. If you go to a manufactures website, you are lucky to get a few sentences describing the board and on top of that they use a drawing representation of the board. You would think with all of the technology they could at least show actual photos of the product at different angles! A lot of us gather information by searching blogs and forums around the web to gain the info we need to make a purchase. Just look at the questions posted on the Standup Zone! Clearly there is a need for more info about brands and boards.

Anyway, good stuff. Everyone has their flavor of the day and time. Is there anyway you can get on a Coreban kick so I can get info on the 9'6 Performer and 9' Fusion models? :)