Friday, September 10, 2010

Shape Details - Naish 9'0 Mana

Here you go Steve. All the goodies on the 9'0 Mana shape! All shots from my favorite camera. The iphone 4 with HDR image processing.
Single concave through nose to within a foot or so of front fins

Hint of double concave with tiny vee just forward of fins

Pretty normal vee though the tail

9'0 Mana

9'3 Hokua


ralph said...

back in 2009 the was a big stink about naish boards not having a stringer and quality was in question.

has anything changed for 2010?

gjb said...

looks like a lot of rocker, must fit in the curl of the wave but hows the glide and flatwater paddling , .

NC Paddle Surfer said...

The Mana series gets its glide from extra width. They throw in lots of rocker and you get a really loose longboard style SUP. It's quite fun compared to the opposite design philosophy of long, flat, and narrow. Those other style longboard SUPs glide early, but then feel stiff. Not as much fun in my opinion.

Here is what Naish says about the 9'0

Mana 9’0’’
The Mana 9’0” is the ideal choice for lighter riders in small surf, or heavier riders looking for increased floatation in a shorter board. The Mana 9’0” fuses a compact design with a wider platform, offering incredible stability and easy maneuvering in the surf. The Mana’s exaggerated tail rocker combined with its soft rails allows for smooth and snappy turns, making surfing effortless for riders of any ability.
9’0” x 29 5/8” x 4”, 140L
Construction: Sandwich Wood
Fin Set-up: 2+1

When was the last time you heard "snappy turns" in a longboard SUP!

csx355 said...

Thanks Dwight - the rocker comparison with 9'3 is the one - plenty of nose lift. Good stuff.
As far as durability is concerned, I have nailed my 9'3 for 18 months and apart from a few rail chips that I have had touched in I've had no issues. Pretty bomb proof I reckon for such a light board - hope the new ones are the same.