Saturday, December 13, 2008

Race Report

This race was more of big time event, than a few locals getting together for a race. I heard estimates of 30 racers. All the winners were hard core racers from out of town.

The unlimited division was won by a guy from Virgina using an all carbon 18 ft Bark. The guy was a serious ripped athlete. 2nd place went to another serious athlete from Florida racing a F-14 custom. He was a lifeguard, who had planned to bring along 10 or so racing lifeguards from Florida with him, but prior commitments didn't allow it. 3rd place went to a women racing a 14 ft custom Bark. It looked just like the production Bark coming from Surftech this Spring. 4th place went to me, but don't let that impress you, because I was almost dead last among all racers, including the under 12'6 class. The winning time was 42 minutes. Jacky thinks we finished in an hour and 15 minutes.

The winner of the 12'6 class took home the free Laird. There were nice prizes down to 10th place in the 12'6 class and nice prices for all 4 racers in the unlimited class. That's how I scored an awesome Bark racing shirt.

The winner of the 12'6 class

The secret weapon that smoked the field

The Coast Guard followed the racers. These guys wore Kokatat drysuits. The brand we use, only their suits had some cool features not found on the suits sold to the public.

Race conditions were brutal. Strong N wind and strong currents, all against the direction we were trying to go, really spread the racers out. Racing upwind is not for me. I got into race boards strictly for down wind swell chasing in the ocean.

Today I was introduced to a whole new side of SUP. The guys who come from the OC1 or kayak side, and really just love to paddle and race.


WP said...

DW go check out the Hobie web site and you can see the carbon fiber model that won the Battle of the Paddle or here is the link to the artical Also there is a good video of Chuck on the 12'6 model that Jeff Alter shot during the race. If you are going to compete in comps you might want to take a look at this board? Congrats to you and Jackie on making it up to WB:-)

csx355 said...

Well done you two - 4th bloody hell - respect - we are all going to have to take you more seriously from now on - that's totally blown your novice status.;)

NC Paddle Surfer said...

4th out of 4 racers in the unlimited division. That's last place!

Trust me, I stunk up the field.

These racers were athletes!

srfnff said...

Sorry DW, ain't buyin' it. Sounds like you had to be a pretty good athlete and in shape just to race at all. Mega-kudos!

WP said...

DW sounds a lot better if you leave at 4th place. Congrats!