Saturday, December 20, 2008

North End of Carolina Beach

Jumping Dolphin

Jacky about to get mowed down

Who belongs to that paddle?


Brad on the 10'6 C4

Brad and Brian


CB1 said...

Why was Brad riding the 10'6? To try something different? I'm used to seeing his pictures with the 9'er, so the 10'6 looks big in the picture! :-)

NC Paddle Surfer said...

The 10'6 was there because his wife was surfing it. He surfs all the models, when they are at the beach. They're all fun to play with.

WP said...

Were these taken yday? If so the north end was better than out front? We had an ocassional waist to chest but for the most part it was knee to waist? Still alot of fun seems like the water was a little warmer? Looking forward to warmer water next week in Tortola.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Photos were taken Saturday morning. The inlet is almost always bigger with better shape.

WP said...

I got go try it do you drive down to the end thru Freeman Park? Have you done much at the South end? I went the other day it was ok decent shape but not sure of the bottom there? We are off to the USVI hope to get a day or two at the sand spit off Tortola?
Have a great week!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

I think the beach marker we surf near is number 19. Pretty close to being in the inlet.

I've kitesurfed and windsurfed the south end a lot over the years. Back when Corncake Inlet was still there. It's not much good for anything (other than avoiding people) since the inlet closed up. This time of year the north end is wonderful.

WP said...

Yes I agree but now and them I catch a good day at the south end. I have been surfing at the norht end since I was a SR in college which was before traffic lights:-) Well got over to Tortola today it was dbl overhead and pushing. WOuld have been fun on a paddle but not been able to find them here yet? So I had to settle for a 9'2". Man I forgot how much work these short boards are :-) Well sure was nice to be in 80 degree water again! I really miss it especially at my age!