Friday, December 12, 2008

C4 Sub Vector Video

Go here for more info

Way to go Evan!


gjb said...

DW, Great video .. Now I know your frothing at the mouth to get this puppy under you feet. Looks like a winner. My buddy Jamie is also looking to get this board too. I know he was trying to get in touch w/ Brad.. Did you get any surf up there in CB? Good luck in the Around the Island paddle.. Mahalo Glen

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Surf was epic today. Longest lines I've seen in months. Peeling chest high all day. Like Blane's photos, only smaller.

CB1 said...

Great video from Evan! Shoot, got stoked just watching, made me want to run out and buy one! :-)

I like to hear the designers take on the boards! Be cool if all the manufactures would do a quick video overview of each board in their line. Naish does this some, pretty cool!!

Good luck on the race!!!!

Evan said...

Hi guys...Thanks for your nice comments. I've been carrying around a Sanyo Xacti E2 so whenever I get a chance I can shoot some video or pics. I'll demo the sub vector after all this storm runoff goes away and will get you guys the 411.

DW - We'll have to ride some of these when you're on Oahu for your trip.