Monday, December 8, 2008

Big Race Saturday

Jacky and I completed a test run of the race course on Saturday. It takes about an hour to lap Harbor Island. The forecast NE wind of 15 that morning will make the upwind leg a bitch. I'm so tall, I'll probably go backwards faster than I go forward in that wind.

Mark, we're going past your house. Come join us.


csx355 said...

Good luck with your race - I just got my new Naish :)

CB1 said...

Comparing the Naish 9'3 to the C4 9'3 will be interesting. Can't wait to hear both of your comments!

csx355, you'll have to give DW all the dimensions of the Naish, that way his chart will be more accurate!

Evan said...

What are you riding?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

I'm racing my Vortice.

The race is in a flat water canal, so the Vortice will not be in its element.

Last race they ran around here was also in flat water. In that race a Surftech Tak was 1st. A Holoholo 2nd. Nothing 14 ft was in that race.