Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fun Foggy Morning

The movie stars: Brad, Jacky, Hunter, Dwight
The boards: gray 9'6 C4, red 9'3 PSH Ripper, blue 9'0 C4, yellow 10'0 BK Pro

We had a blast trading boards and surfing the break about 1 mile from the trucks. We were actually north of the inlet at one point. Near the buoy. That's way out there! Check out how far away the beach looks in the video.

The CB Gang on a Foggy Morning from fishersfort on Vimeo.


gjb said...

DW Great video of the CB gang. I too love going to the outer bars and shoals to catch waves. That video is clear and looks great. What camera are you using? We too had some foggy waves. Not as big but fun and with your friends it makes even more grand.. Have a great/safe/happy New Year to you, the family and friends.. Glen

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Thanks Glen. The camera info is in the right hand column of the blog.

For a long time, we were surfing lost at sea. Could not see the inlet or land.

There were 6 people out. We didn't know where everyone was out there.

mark said...

Looks like fun. I need to meet you guys out there some time.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Anybody who wants to join us should send me an e-mail the night before and I'll put you on my call list for the following morning, if conditions look good.

I must warn you, these surfers are hard core, so the phone is likely to ring at sunrise. I called Brad at 7am this morning and he was already at the north end.

Brad and I have an open policy of no call is too early, so always call if you see waves!

Nothing like the kitesurfers who don't get moving until after lunch.

jamatran said...

Great video. I got a starter board and paddle this week and worked on just standing up on the board this weekend. I had a blast. Is there anyone in the Holden beach area I can contact that is into SUP? Thanks for the video and keeping the web site up, I have gotten a lot out of it. Thanks James

ef said...

DW: What a fun video, with some good yuks ta boot. Thanks!

NC Paddle Surfer said...


I don't know anyone in Holden Beach. Sorry.

CB1 said...

James, I think a gentleman by the name of Kendall James SUPs over your way. I sold my Naish 11'6 to him this past spring.