Friday, December 3, 2010

I Surfed the 7'8 Naish Hokua Tonight!

Way easier than I thought it would be. Easily handles my 185 lbs.  More stable than I remember the 8'0 PSH WR. I think the biggest difference between this and the PSH, is more width carried forward. I can really lean on that extra meat forward of center. It makes paddling into waves much easier, than a board that sinks the nose with the slightest error in fore and aft weight shifting. Well actually not weight shifting, just leaning forward can sink the nose on many boards at my weight and height. This extra meat up front feels like the magic potion for me. Pure shaping genius by Harold Iggy.

As for how it surfs.....FAST as a rocket. Look for me to be firing down the line. This stick is going to help my surfing a lot.

I think the 9'0 Mana and this board might be all the quiver I need. I may have to place my 9'0 Hokua order on HOLD until I get more testing in. Maybe I should order Jacky the 7'3 and take her surfing to the next level.

Tonight we had light offshore wind, with rebound waves coming off the beach making it slightly messed up. I fell once in one hour of surfing. The challenge was about like day one on my 9'3 Hokua. I can see it only getting easier from here on out.
The fins. Notice the tiny rears. Only 3 1/2". A little small for my weight, I think.

The 7'8 Hokua at Coastal Urge

I hear a 7'3 might be coming to Coastal Urge too.

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CB1 said...

Nice! You thinking of putting a little larger rear fins in? You may be right about the quiver thing. Could possibly get confusing trying to pick between the 9'0 and 7'8 Hokuas. That is nice that it is a fast board so that you can make the sections!