Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another try on the 7'8 Hokua

Another bust weekend for surfing the 7'8. The wind was too strong for it to be fun. Strong enough to knock me off balance and double the challenge of surfing the 7'8.
Comfortable flotation

The wind is killing me

Lame stuff near the beach


CB1 said...

The 7'8 was highly anticipated, therefore the new board curse set in! :) The odd thing is that it has lasted more than one week!

Andrew said...

so if conditions were too challenging for 7'8" did u surfed Mana instead? or you probably know by feel how would Mana behaive? in any case - in those conditions it would be bad on both or Mana would be better?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Mana would have been better that day. Easier balance and less skill required in challenging conditions. Last night I surfed the 7'8 again. Small thigh high and mushy high tide. Mana would have done better. But I prefer the 7'8 just for the challenge. There are moments of brilliance when on it. I need to keep learning so when the good day comes I will be dialed in. Last nights session was satisfying because I was dizzy late in the day at the office. I'm sure from dehydration. I surfed anyway and did well on it. The 7'8 should be a big hit once spring returns. I hope they build enough of them!

Andrew said...

dw, i certainly hope they'll build one for me :)
i am just interested how soon the moment will come when u say - its better on 7'8". and for which conditions