Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 2 on the 7'8 Hokua

Hunter takes the 7'8 for a test drive. Hunter weighs 145. The 7'8 was like a Mana to him. Stable as a house boat. He's ordering the 7'3 Monday.
Hunter on my 7'8

Dwight totally defeated by the 8'4. Sitting on it, is about all I can manage today.

Hunter on the 7'8




CB1 said...

Did Hunter like the 7'8 better than the 8'4 or what was his take between the 2 boards?

Focus Kite Designs said...

CB1, the 7'8 is much more stable than the 8'4. The 8'4 is almost too tippy but the 7'8" isn't. I hope the 7'3 is going to be more stable than the 8'4" also. We might just find out!

Good luck with the foot by the way!

CB1 said...

Thanks Hunter! Hopefully this will be the last op for a long while! Hoping to be back on the water real soon!