Saturday, December 25, 2010

7'3 Hokua - Jacky's Christmas Surprise

After 3 months off the water to rest an injured back, Jacky finally returns to surfing at 8:00 am this morning in 30 degree weather! That new 7'3 under the tree was all the motivation she needed.

The Three Amigos

Surf Machine

Jacky on the 7'3

The Flying Surf Machine




Surf Machine


All the following photos are Jacky on one wave, in order

Jacky - like summer inside the R4 wool lined suit

Surf Machine (at 172 lbs) on Jacky's board


Brian & Krista Autry said...

Unbelievable photos! Thanks for the shots. I Knew we were having fun, but you get a totally different perspective of how good it was from the photos. Jackie did great for being off so long.

CB1 said...

What a nice Christmas Day session! Looks like you all had lots of fun!

Hope to be back out there with everyone in a few more weeks!