Tuesday, December 28, 2010

6'6 SUP

Click Here for Gong Sups article on how to paddle a 6'6 SUP. My 7'8 Hokua is long to these guys. The 7'8 paddles pretty normal. The only cool tip I picked up in the article is to try a correction stroke on the other side without switching hands with the paddle. That sounds like it could be handy now and then.

Click Here too  the guy on the 6'6 is having fun in nothing surf
I'm glad I don't have to do this


Brad said...

I used that stroke before. It works ok in flat water but not sure about the ocean when stability is more difficult

CB1 said...

Wow, that 6'6 looks like a lot of work! I'll leave that one for the "pros". Crazy how he paddle strokes around the nose of board.

Capt Ron said...

I ride boards this small mostly when its glassy. I found instead of paddling like the picture shows, all you have to do is lean on the rail your paddling on get a little tilt on the board giving that paddle side rail a little bite and it will paddle straight as a arrow. Tiny boards are realy fun and challenging.