Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Whole Lot of Paddling Today

1st a 7am surf session

2nd a womens only paddle clinic

3rd a 7 mile downwinder. The first run of our Downwind Swell Chasing Series.
We met at 1 pm at the gazebo. The ocean was lit up with ragging whitecaps. At least 20 knots. By the time we made the car drop and waited on one late arrival, high level cloudiness had killed the wind. We had about 10 knots max at the beginning of the run, dropping to 5 knots at the end. We had fun. Maybe next weekend we'll get some real wind. We're moving the meet time up to 12:30 to account for the extra time it takes to make the car drops in heavy beach traffic. That should get us in the water about 1:30

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