Thursday, June 11, 2009

Race Forecast Changed Again-Morning Update

There are signs of hope this morning at sunrise. The SW wind is already blowing at our house. That is a classic sign of a strong sea breeze coming this afternoon. That is what we want to see. A return to normal. If we see the same signs of wind tomorrow morning, it's going to be good!

Here is this areas best wind speed indicator for a SW wind. Ignore the direction indicator, it's wrong. But the speed is very accurate for my beach. It's blowing 19 mph at sunrise! 100% stronger than forecast. This is the magic of SW wind in our area.

Here is the wind forecast from the 2 big dogs, NOAA and Intellicast. Other sites just regurgitate what NOAA says.

We're leaning toward skipping the race. We'll save $100 and avoid hours of torture. If we're wrong and the wind does blow, we can always downwind at home. We were really looking forward to this, but you can't control the wind.

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JB said...

You'll be missing out on a great course. I paddled it on Tuesday and while it was tough with the east wind , it was worth it. Also, the $ goes directly to childhood cancer research with the American Cancer Society—a great cause. Lastly, it's goign to push the SUP community to do bigger and better routes. I'd reconsider. You can get picked up at any time during teh race by one of the boats, and you have those great boards. If I wasn't going to Chicago tomorrow am, I'd be in for sure.