Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer SUP Downwind Swell Chasing Series

Summer SUP Downwind Swell Chasing Series

The Concept: Create a system for lovers of SUP downwinding to meet and run together on windy weekends.

When: Any Saturday or Sunday afternoon when the wind is blowing 15 knots minimum from the S or SW.

Where: For now, we'll meet at 1 pm on the Gazebo, at the second cove in Fort Fisher. This is the Gazebo staring you in the face as you drive 1/4 mile past the civil war fort. You can't miss it. Free parking is available all around the rock lined beach overlook.

How: Those showing up to run, will decide the distance based on the comfort level of those involved, and the wind strength for that day. Car pooling arrangements will be decided on the spot. Car drops will be made following the 1 pm meeting. You can expect the actual run to start about 1:45 and finish around 3 pm.

Check this blog each Friday for the weekend downwinding forecast. I'll give my prediction on the likelihood of a downwinder going off. Living here allows me to compare the forecast wind with the real wind, then I use my crystal ball.

Cost: FREE

Prizes: NONE. This is for people just looking to chase some swells with a few friends.

Downwind Runs we often do:

7 miles- Fort Fisher to the Carolina Beach North End pier
5 miles- Fort Fisher to the Marriott Hotel
4 miles- Our house to the North End pier
3 miles- Fort Fisher to our house (We often stop here when the wind dies on us)

What to expect: We typically run about about 2 pier lengths off shore following the coast. Sometimes much farther out to catch more of the SW wind. Jacky and I carry Camelbaks with Co2 inflatable life belts hidden inside. PFDs are required when running way off shore, outside what can reasonably be called the surf zone. Only when within the surf zone, is it legal to be without a PFD. It's completely up to you whether you comply. We don't care one way or the other. But we do recommend nobody show up without a leash. Nobody should count on others to save them should you loose your board. In 30 knots, it's near impossible to paddle upwind to save anyone.

I hope to see a few friends join us downwind swell chasing this summer. Feel free to call me or Jacky during the weekend to confirm the run is happening. My cell is 297-4567. Jacky is 264-1552.


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