Saturday, June 13, 2009

Unoffical Race Results

I just talked with Brad Jones. Check back soon for Brad's first hand account here.

1st place Mike Owens (on Owens own design)
2nd place Brad Jones (on C4 Holoholo) a close 2nd.....

Those two lead the whole race.

Winning time ~2 hr 18 minutes over 12 miles in wind less than 10.


Brad said...

Mike said it was close but it felt like he was miles ahead of me. Jason Coughly (sorry if I misspelled it)was a close 3rd, Chris Hill in 4th, and Brad Howard took the 14' class in 5th. What a great time! Thanks to all those who help put on the event.

CB1 said...

Way to go Brad!

Victor Velasco said...

Were you able to get any photos of the other boards?

How many paddlers in the race?


NC Paddle Surfer said...

I don't have any photos. I heard 8 racers competed. The only new and interesting board I heard about was a 14 ft custom purchased from Wet Feet Hawaii. The owner is local, so I'll get to check it out soon, I hope.