Sunday, June 21, 2009

Look What I Found

All the new C4 color combos. These are so sweet, I hope they drop the old classic colors. Who'd want the old graphics when you can have one of these, right?

The Polynesian and Metallic are my new favorites!

Also note the Pantone Guide color numbers are provided. That means anyone can walk into a paint store and just give them the Pantone number and walk out with a perfect matching touch up paint.

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gjb said...

Hey DW I was looking for that site with all the color patterns. I stumbled over it several weeks a go and had a hrd time finding it a gain. I replace my old SUB Vee with a New one the Formula pattern with metalic blue/gray color with yellow stripe. Looks like a Mustang Boss 302 colors. I'll post a pic of it soon Have had no waves here.. Mahalo Glen