Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wind Still Blowing

We surfed a little this morning. Wave size is good, but wind makes catching anything ridiculous.

So we bagged surfing and kited Kailua. It turned into a great day. Waves at the reef were consistent head high, with some double overhead sets. It was a blast. CB1 I was thinking about you out there. You, your windsurfer, and Robbie. It was unreal out there. Huge beautiful green blue waves that were just mushy enough to make them a play land.

The Sky Pro board is fantastic. Get one. We checked out the Naish boards at Robbies shop. They must be lead cored. I've never felt a kiteboard that heavy, ever.

The reef

The rigging area

The Wet Feet shop
Jacky bought a Quickblade paddle today.


curtis said...

The best time to hit the surf is Dawn Patrol or late afternoon, that is when the winds have been the best. The winds have been starting to pick up during the day. Depending on where you go on the south side, you may find some shoulder to head high stuff. Be careful on what you keep in your car if you head up north or even Kailua, the thieves target rent a cars.

Have fun and stay safe


NC Paddle Surfer said...

Thanks for the tips.

We were out at dawn yesterday and still got blown off the water. The evening surfing did look good, but we were wasted by then.

I'm meeting Evan at Puaena Point this morning on the North Shore. We removed the kite gear from the rental car.