Sunday, January 18, 2009

No More

No more surfing until Hawaii. This 43° weather with a light drizzle bites! The waves were hardly worth freezing our butts off.

On the bright side of things, Jacky finally took a picture of me.


curtis said...


I thought I was freezing this morning on the south shore, air was about 60 deg and water was in the high 70's, chilly for hawaii. Its going to be a nice blue sky day today, your going to luv it


WP said...

Come on Dwight you missed it this morning. Nice swell on the raising tide feels like the water is still around 58 degrees. Not too bad but I got a chance to paddle the race board around some and figured out quickly it is a totally different feel on the water. Also learned not to paddle into a sholder high swell and ride it like my regular paddle board. Nice face plant! Oh well tsking it downb to the south end to do a little training in the back water this afternoon.
Enjoy Hawaii

srfnff said...


I hope you keep us posted with pics and story from Hawaii. Your coverage of the C4 Sub-Vector has been great, and your pics of the specs second to none. Keep feeding us...I want to know how it works in "real" waves...(no offense bro').

NC Paddle Surfer said...


I'm not taking my board. I'm flying Delta because that's where I get my free tickets using miles. Delta charges $350 round trip to take a surfboard.

There are no Sub Vectors for rent in Oahu. Even the demos were sold off and there is a waiting list for them.

I'm going to try renting the Naish 9'6. That is the only big guys, short-a short SUP I could find. Naish doesn't rent the 9'3.

After surfing the Sub Vector, I'm afraid anything in the 10 foot range would feel like a pig.

Bob said...

Have fun out there. I'm sooo jealous. It's supposed to be 15 deg for tomorrows session. Hope my new gloves are warm.

Have a mai tai for those of us freezing here on the east coast.

srfnff said...

That sucks Dwight, you don't get to ride your board, and we don't get to read about it. I had a thought...perhaps Evan could hook you up with Todd Bradley or Parmenter. They might have a sub-vector laying around somewhere. After're an important info resource in the SUP blogosphere. Inquiring minds want to know!

Anyway, no matter what, Aloha! Malama Pono. Have a great vacation!!!