Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Thoughts

I'm sitting here waiting for the sun to rise so we can walk across the street and surf!

If you get a chance to attend one of the next SUPAH clinics run by Wet Feet, you must do it. At this clinic, besides the priceless instruction from the top people in our sport, we were given water shirts and deck dots by C4. We had the opportunity to try every paddle brand on the market and many different race boards. At future clinics, top racers will follow and instruct you on your racing technique.

The number of people who showed up was a surprise to me. These were not hard core racers, these we just regular kooks like us who wanted to do better in fun down winders. Most did not own real race boards. In fact, I'm not sure anyone owned real race boards. All the race boards at the clinic appeared to be from Wet Feet and C4s stock.

I think the people at Coastal Urge (home shop into cruising and racing) can expect their planned races this Spring to grow huge. Note to Coastal Urge, they never race upwind here. It was refreshing to hear Todd and Dave say upwind is foolish. A boogie board could beat us going upwind. I will not show up for anymore races run upwind.

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