Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Hawaiian Vacation is Shaping up Perfect

We found our boards!

I have the C4 Sub Vector reserved at Wet Feet.

I found Jacky the 9'0 C4 at Blue Planet. They're pulling a 9'0 from the warehouse for me.

Evan wrote me last night saying he has Todd Bradley's Sub Vector demo board. It sounds like that one could be a backup, should Wet Feet be struck by lightning between now and Saturday.

Even Todd Bradley wrote me, which was cool. I should have a chance to meet him and maybe surf with him.

The forecast shows the tradewind returning this weekend, so we packed the kites. I've got a NORTH prototype that is sick. The kite won't be in shops until April.

Next update from Oahu on Saturday evening, Hawaiian time.


curtis said...

Glad you got your boards, you seem to be in good hands. Let me know if you need anything, I check the blogs daily. Have a good and safe vacation


Bob said...

Have a blast! Looking forward to your posts from the island.

srfnff said...

The Gods have smiled upon you...

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your holiday. I too have a Vector and think its the ultimate board. Mine came as quad set up just curious if any of the rentals are thrusters if so how do they compare.


NC Paddle Surfer said...

This rental came 2+1.

I brought my quad fins with me.