Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lame Conditions, but FUN

3 hour session with Brad, Z, and Jacky on Sub Vectors, Slingblade, and Bat Tail.

Take note of how easy the Sub Vector redirects off the tail "without" the aid of the paddle! You know how most boards turn in tiny surf. Dig the blade, grunt, spin, dig the blade, grunt spin. With this one you just think about turning and it goes.

Z thinks the Sub Vector is more stable than his 10'4 JL. Pretty amazing that a 9'3" x 28.81" board can be more stable than almost anything else on the water.


CB1 said...

Talked with Z a little bit ago. He loves the Sub Vector!

What were the fin setups for you, Z and Brad?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Quads for Sub Vectors. 2+1 stock fins for the Slingblade.

WP said...

Good morning, Dwight it sounds like you and Brad have those new boards dialed in. I guess after next week I have a couple of new toys to play with myself. I spoke with Mark Johnson at Hobie this weekend they are working on a couple of new paddle designs. Chuck Patterson used one of the protoypes in the Battle of the Paddle. The new design gets a lot more force out of each stroke without pushing any harder according to Chuck. I will get one as soon as the production is in and will let you know. If the boards get in this week which they are supposed to be here on Wednesday or Thursday come by and take a look at the race board. I stll would like to try to put together a race from Beach to Beach or from Fort Fisher down to the Pier if we decided to do an open ocean race. Mark suggested two classes 12'6" and under and unlimited which would cover guys like the life gaurd from Florida with the 18 foot race board. Trying to get a couiple of the Hobie team guys to come out for the race to give it some hype. Also plan to talk to the C4 rep to see if they have interest in particapting. Thought about making Surfrider the benifactor. All I need now is some time to put it together? Mark suggested a 4th race?

WP said...
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