Monday, January 12, 2009

Sub Vector Shaping Details

This post is for those like me, who wonder why this board works so well. It's down right freaky, its so much better.......

Rocker shown with straight edge balanced at mid point of rocker length.

Nose scoop ~6 inches

Tail rocker ~3.5 inches

Deck concave. Think low rider stable.

Deep double concave at the traction pad for super traction.

Double barrel, plus vee

Flat, fast, and stable at the middle.


gjb said...

DW, Thats how you explain why the SUB V' works, By Showing us its shape. Great explination. Found your magic ride. Thanks Glen

Evan said...

DW - I'm glad you're having a blast on the SV. We're about to get hit by a big storm and along w/ my cold I'm out of the water for a while. See you in Hawaii.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Evan, those storms have made us decide to bring our kitesurfing gear too. We wanted to leave the kite gear home.

We signed up for the SUPAH paddle clinic on the 24th.