Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pop Out Board Repair

Jacky dropped her 9'6 PSH on the driveway and dinged the tail. This lead me in search of better do it myself board repair skill. Thanks to for some tips, I've just completed my best repair job effort to date.

My first step was getting a Pantone color guide. They cost over $100 new, or $25 used on Ebay. Printing professionals are required to replace their Pantone guides each year. It's a quality control rule (possible color fade with age). That is why used ones are easy to find. Pantones includes every color you could ever want. Find your match, then go to Home Depot for some exterior gloss latex and you're half way there.

Next step was buying an airbrush to apply the paint. Cost $20. Set the air compressor at 25 psi, thin the paint with 20% water and I was ready to paint!

The actual board repair was done with Marine-Tex, then feathered with gel coat putty.

The last step is yet to be done. Polish to a gloss and blend the paint edge. The gloss paint came out flat due to spraying really light coats with the airbrush.


CB1 said...

Nice job!!!! When are you opening for business? ha ha ha!

evan said...

What did you use for the patch?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Marine-Tex is what I patched it with.