Sunday, August 3, 2008

Grip Makes you a Superhero

Grip, you need it on your paddle too. Jacky finally gave in and allowed me to put ReDeck traction grip on her paddle shaft. I've been using it all summer. Today she felt the power, like a ninja warrior with her paddle.

Do yourself a favor and super charge your paddle shaft with abrasive grip. You'll wonder how you ever went without.

Same goes for deck pads too. Today I rode Jacky's 9'6 PSH with NSI deck pad. It felt like a greased pig. On my board, I'm used to standing on Dakine's longboard pads inset into my deck pad. The same way all the guys at Paddle Surf Hawaii do it. The Dakine pad is textured like a stomp pad, with an aggressive diamond pattern. What a difference this makes in your surfing.

Check back tomorrow for info on my new board! Yep, new board in the house.


evan said...

Do you have any pictures of your ReDeck grip on the paddle? I've been using either the XM surf stuff or black baseball bat tape on the handle. The baseball tape is cheap but gets a bit sticky.

Are you using it on the shaft also? I'm using either the black baseball tape or the C4 grip on the shaft.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Everything is here.