Thursday, August 14, 2008

C4 Carry Handle Improvement

Handle Hole Plug in C4 Bat Tail 9'0 from fishersfort on Vimeo.

I love the new handle holes in our C4s, but they do scare me. Twice in 10 sessions now, my toes have dropped into the hole.

I don't want a broken toe! I already have one toe that will never bend again for the rest of my life because it was broken a few years ago. It hurts like a bitch when it gets bent beyond what it can take.

My home made plug is a white nylon block drilled and grooved on the bottom for bungee clearance. I stuck a small piece of deck padding on the top side. The bungee is held in place with a small drop of epoxy in the bottom of the hole.


CB1 said...

Nice work on the block!!! Like you, I'd be scared of my toes getting caught in the hole if left open.

Where did you get the nylon block?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Nylon is left over kite stopper material.

Did your toes fall in the handle hole of the Naish?

CB1 said...

I think I hit it once or twice, but most of the time I always stood slightly behind that area. Since the Naish was 11'6, it wasn't a big as deal, but I can see it being an issue on a 9' - 10' board.