Monday, August 4, 2008

10' PSH versus 10' C4 BK Pro

I made the mistake of walking into the local surf shop selling C4. I spotted a beautiful BK Pro on the rack. They offered me a deal I could not refuse.

I surfed it this morning and tonight in small waves. Here are my first impressions of how it compares to my 10 x 29 hand glassed PSH.

C4 heavier.
PSH super light, which explains all the repairs it has needed.

Paddling, C4 goes much straighter. I feel like I can paddle all day on the same side. My paddle technique is better too. The narrower (27") C4 allows me a more vertical paddle stroke.
PSH, 3 paddle strokes per side max.

Punching through surf paddling out. C4 wins here too. I love the nose shape. All boards need a similar nose.

Catching waves. The C4 wins again. I can paddle into waves with less effort and catch waves that are more swell, than a real wave.

Surfing, the PSH wins. It turns quicker, with less effort. I'm getting better swinging the C4 around with each session, but it does take more strength and more paddle help to really rip in small surf.

Pearling. Tie. Each board makes late drops with ease. Two of the best out there for this.

Paddling down wind with a strong breeze at my back. The C4 is easier. The flatter rocker makes it more pitch stable.

Stability side to side. PSH wins. But, C4 is also comfortable. Not tired at all. Easy to ride at 200 lbs. Stabilty in pitch, C4 wins.

Conclusion, the PSH is a more hard core ripper and better surfer. The C4 is easier to deal with and catch waves. Both are fun, just different.

I surfed the C4 quad and thruster. I need better waves to pick my fin preference.


csx355 said...

You knew that I would be all over this post like a rash ;) ! - I'm pleased that you rate the C4 in similar ways that I do. Not finding static stability on the C4 an issue gives me hope and means that it's worth me persevering with it - have you tried it in choppy / windy conditions ? The PSH must be unreal if it surfs better - shame I can't get hold of one.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

I've surfed it in on shore wind of 12 knots. Very choppy. Also done 2 long down wind sessions with wind at my back in 10 knots. Only one session in glass so far. Legs only slightly more tired than usual. I'm already feeling very relaxed on it.

CB1 said...

What is the black square in the red logo of the pad?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

The black thing was a handle hole.

I plugged it with foam.

The handle was handy, but the second time I used the board, my toe got caught in it.

srfnff said...

How do you like surfing it as a quad?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Surf has been too small this week to feel any difference between quad and thruster.