Sunday, August 24, 2008

Messy Surf

Messy surf this weekend. I think we're going on 10 days of on shore wind. Yuk!

On a happy note, we scored two free FF tickets on Delta to Oahu this January. We're leaving kites home. This will be a surf trip.


csx355 said...

That looks more like the stuff we get the majority of the time - I would be interested in how you get on with the BK pro in that. I'm going to cue up a Naish 9'6 as a potential compromise between the C4 and the Starboard - Steve

NC Paddle Surfer said...

My answer is complicated. The sea can look the same on two different days, but be totally different in the way they challenge my balance.

The BK leaves me exhausted when wind is on shore, which makes voodoo chop. Another condition that also makes it difficult is when the wind WAS blowing, then stopped, leaving the seas confused, with no wind to add stability by blowing on my body.

The best days are side OFF shore wind. I can handle any wind speed or sea condition when winds are like this. This is our most common wind too, so that works out nice for me.

Regardless of how tiring the BK is in voodoo chop seas, it's still easier than when I had far less skill and tried to master other boards I've owned along the way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dwight,

this is "alap", you gave me few pointers about a year ago, when I was starting.. Anyway, you said you go to Oahu. I am planning this winter too to go to Hawaii. But I don't know where to: Maui or Oahu. I am not looking for super big waves, what's would be ideal for me is uncrowded spot accessible from the nice beach for my nonsurfing wife. Why did you choose Oahu? Perhaps its easier if you want to send me a private email:
Thanks, Andrew