Friday, November 9, 2007

Wishing I could find a SUP board on the east coast

What's up with SUP supplies? Getting boards on the east coast is like panning for gold. The C4 rep tells the local shop no boards until March 08. Yet you can click and buy direct from Hawaii anytime. I don't want to buy direct. I want to support the local surf shops.

Get this, the C4 deliveryman comes through Wrightsville Beach last week with samples of all the C4 boards on the way to some kayak show in the mountains. The reason we ran into the delivery guy, was he was dropping off a load of canoes and we saw the C4s on the truck. The delivery guy was super cool and allowed us to unload the boards, unpack them, and touch and feel what we can't buy around here. Why the hell is C4 promoting SUP in the mountains and ignoring the coastal surf shops. I just don't get it anymore. I would have bought a C4 right on the spot if the deliveryman would have allowed it.

Listen to this insanity. I check into getting the Angulo 10'4. Plenty in stock in CA. They want $1699 without fins! Then I learned Angulo is dropping prices for 08, yet they won't budge on current over pricing. Insanity everywhere I turn. Oh well, I'll keep surfing my Jimmy Lewis 10' until something more suited to my lard ass comes along. I'd really like to have that Angulo 10'4. I think the size is perfect.

I've been working with the local shop to order a custom Blane Chambers for both of us. Ordered the board last weekend. Now I'm not sure I actually have an order. Blane was pretty cool to work with the local shop, now dead silence. No comfirmation of the order, no return e-mails. Not sure I really have an order now. The hell continues as I pan for gold.


Surfpainter said...

I currently have 3 brand new ,still in bubble wrap, Bill Foote 11' production modle stand up boards here in Va Beach. I also have 2 Quickblade " Kanaha " paddles still in plastic. They are extra boards I will have on hand for the Jan. surf expo. If your're not familiar with Footmaui boards they are the same construction as Paddlesurf Hawaii. Bill has been shaping for over 30 years and they are made for surfing. I plan on having these boards and paddles for East Coast distribution. Bill is also producing a 10' swallow wing and a new 11'X 30"x4.5 for entry level folks. If you're interested before the surf expo, call me @ 757-425-3590..Rick Romano

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Hey thanks for the offer. I was actually communicating with Foote last week about a custom. Turns out Bill used to surf the break near my house in the 60s.

I scored a 10'4 Angulo at a good price. I'll test it tomorrow at 6:30 am.

I'll probably end up on a custom Foote at some point. Maybe in the Spring. A production Foote would be sweet, but the current sizes don't fit me. Maybe the wife though.

Anonymous said...

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