Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Second Angulo Session

Caught a short session before dark. The wife was with me surfing her JL 10, so I had a chance to swap boards for an instant comparison.

The Angulo paddles with more speed, making paddling out faster, and catching waves easier. The JL felt stuck in the mud. But being fair, I think that is partly due to less volume on the JL. It rides low at my weight.

On a wave, the JL wins for speed.

Can't really judge how loose either are without bigger waves.

The Angulo nose scoop is less than the JL, so a little adjustment was required dropping in. If you can call it dropping in when the waves are so small. The lower nose scoop does not hurt the Angulo paddling out. The pulled nose punches through waves nicely. Wouldn't ever want to return to the pug nose of the JL 11. It was like hitting a wall with that thing. Get it wrong, and the wave sends you backwards faster than you went forward.

The board has some leash plugs running down the centerline for attaching handles. All the Angulos I've seen photos of before never showed this. People tend to cover them with the pad. My board has the split Dakine pad so these fittings are accessible.

The wife was all smiles surfing the Angulo because it catches impossibly small waves the JL won't catch. She got a huge kick out of how easy it was.


nesUrfari said...

I enjoy reading your site since you are a fellow East Coast SUPer. I am up in New England and getting ready for a winter of sup and surfing in the cold.

Where did you get the Dakine split deck pad and is it made for SUBs or for longboards? I have the jimmy Lewis pad on my 11' and a Hydroturf one on my 12'. Do you like it?

Looking forward to hearing about your time in Jupiter as the family and I are headed down to Juno Beach in a month to spend the holidays with my wife's family. I'll be driving down so I get to throw a SUB on the roof with my other surfboards!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

The Dakine pad is made for SUPs. It is OK for traction, but too aggressive for distance paddling. It makes the feet go to sleep.